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Label Machines

M108x Next Generation Label Applicator

M1052 SD/MMC Label Applicator

M1062 Compact Flash (CF) Label Applicator

M1094 PC Card/ PCMCIA/Express Card Label Applicator

Device Handlers

1506 SD/MMC Automated Handler

1508 Automated DIMM Stacker/Handler



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1508 Video (10 MB MPEG)

  Model 1508 DataSheet




1508 Automated DIMM Stacker/Handler

Model 1508-1 horizontal flow, no ramp
Model 1508-2 includes a guide ramp (shown)
Safely receive DIMMs and from DIMM testers/handlers or labeler systems and up stacks them into an output hopper.
Prevents the modules from damage due to improper handling.
Uses robust automation technoogy and low parts count.
Compatible with handlers from SimmPro, Nortek Automation, and others.

Throughput: 2.5s / DIMM
Adjustable to all standard DIMM sizes.
Small footprint: 423 mm (17.0") x 204 mm (8.0")
Air Pressure: 80 psi min.
Power: 90-120 VAC