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Label Machines

M108x Next Generation Label Applicator

M1052 SD/MMC Label Applicator

M1062 Compact Flash (CF) Label Applicator

M1094 PC Card/ PCMCIA/Express Card Label Applicator

Device Handlers

1506 SD/MMC Automated Handler

1508 Automated DIMM Stacker/Handler

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   Model 1094 DataSheet

Video (1MB): Model 1094 Video




M1094 PC Card / PCMCIA/ Express Card Label Applicator


The M1094 Label Applicator is designed to apply thin film labels to PC Card / PCMCIA / Express Card devices with a high level of placement accuracy and repeatibility.

Desktop Footprint: 775 mm (30.5") x 508 mm (20") x 584 mm (23")
Power: 90-120 VAC / 47-63 Hz.