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Label Machines

M108x Next Generation Label Applicator

M1052 SD/MMC Label Applicator

M1062 Compact Flash (CF) Label Applicator

M1094 PC Card/ PCMCIA/Express Card Label Applicator

Device Handlers

1506 SD/MMC Automated Handler

1508 Automated DIMM Stacker/Handler


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   Model 1052 DataSheet





M1052 Next Generation SD/MMC Label Applicator


This next generation unit with new LCD display and intelligient programming simplifies operation by providing an adaptive menu system to assist the user in running and maintaining the system.
The M1052 comes with a removable hopper to hold 100 SD or 150 MMC devices. Users can continuously feed the hopper while running to maintain maximum throughput of up to 6000 labels per hour.

Optional kit supports RSMMC devices.
Small Footprint: 318 mm (12.5") x 475 mm (18.7") x 480 mm (19")
Power: 90-120 VAC / 47-63 Hz.